"I had never worked with an Oracle reader until I met Laura, so I did not realize until later just how good she is, nor how spot on her readings can be.  An Oracle reading can provide spiritual guidance and wisdom, but it requires the reader to be clear when picking the cards, and to not influence the information coming through.  That is something Laura does very well which is very rare from my experience with intuitive people.

I am now on the other side of a massive change in my life that I did not see coming, and yet now looking back at the photos of all the Oracle cards Laura pulled for me, was foretold in all her readings.  Everything she saw came to pass, and even though I doubted the change at the time, the wisdom Laura provided gave me confidence and reassurance.  So much so, that when the change did happen I knew all would be okay.

I am deeply grateful to know Laura and to have her loving guidance to turn to. She is a "rare find" in this new world of people awakening to their spiritual gifts, and I highly recommend her talents."       Danielle F.

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