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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by to visit my site. 


Before I introduce myself,  please take a moment to reflect on these two questions:

   Is your life fueled by the energy of passion or stuck in fear?

   Is your biggest fear that you will fail at your dreams or that you  will succeed at them? 

Either holds you in a place of stagnancy and is  just a state of mind reacting to past old beliefs that are no longer true. Remember--our inner world creates our outer world.

My name is Laura Woods and one of my passions is to help others find their JOY!  We all need a helping hand to cross the bridge between separateness and wholeness.  This requires a commitment to growing, changing and creating a conscious future by using self-care.

My mother developed metastatic breast cancer in 2007 (later dying in 2010), and it was because of this, a spark was ignited in me.  I realized I needed to hold myself accountable for my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  We try to silence the part of ourselves that we think of as a weakness, when in fact, it is our greatest strength.  It was only thru the acknowledging, forgiving, accepting and integrating that I could be whole and move forward to claim my True Authentic Self!

We are like diamonds with many facets,  each cut a little differently, but always with the ability to shine brightly.  All we require is a little polishing with self-love.  However, before we can receive, we must first release what is blocking new, clean energy from entering.


Let me guide and empower you to let go of all that no longer serves you and make a door where there was only a window. 


EXPERIENCES:   Near Death Experience * Addiction * Adrenal Fatigue * Anxiety/Panic Attacks * Eating Disorder (Orthorexia)  *  Co-Dependency * Narcissists * Low Self-Esteem * People Pleasing * Perfectionism

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